[Analytics]: Ranking the Best All-in-One Metrics

In case you missed this great piece of work by Bryan Kalbrosky from Hoopshype, I wanted to make sure to highlight it here so everyone can reference the metrics and ratings throughout the season–and for future seasons as advanced stats and analytics continue to evolve. The goal of the research was to determine if there is a, “catch-all, all-in-one composite metric that has the best reputation and has the most accurate assessment of a player’s holistic impact on winning.”

To answer this question, Bryan reached out to a combination of nearly 30 media members, coaches, and directors of analytics departments to break down which all-in-one metric they trust, and of those who trusted any, how many used that metric as their preferred “catch-all statistic”. In doing so, he thoroughly outlines the top 13 metrics that were most trusted in an easily-digestible way that is great for fans of all different skill and interest levels in advanced stats.

Some of those interviewed made it clear that they have their own in-house metrics or that they prefer to average a few numbers they trust to best evaluate players. Unfortunately, the public doesn’t have access to these proprietary metrics, so this really came down to what we, as fans, can trust as we try to do our own analysis of the league.

Full story link here:

Spoiler Alert: The #1 most trusted metric for those surveyed was Daily Plus-Minus (DPM):

Ranking the 15 Most Trusted Metrics:

  1. DPM (@kmedved)
  2. EPM (@taylor_snarr)
  3. LEBRON (@The_BBall_Index)
  4. RAPTOR (@FiveThirtyEight)
  5. RAPM (@rd11490)
  6. BPM (@bball_ref)
  7. RPM (@ESPNStatsInfo)
  8. WPA (@inpredict)
  9. Simple Rating – Roland Beech at 82games.com
  10. FIC (@realGM)
  11. WS/48 (@jkubatko)
  12. PIE (@nbastats)
  13. PER (@johnhollinger)

Interestingly, one Western Conference front office member dished out the following food for thought:

If I could add a wrinkle to your story, it would be that all-in-one stats are overused – that the next phase of basketball analytics is all about context-dependent numbers”…“That would be the most honest quote I could give.

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