[Awards]: NBA Twitter’s 2021 NBA Podcast of the Year

Before the the new NBA season kicks off we wanted to come together and crown the winner of the 2021 NBA Podcast of the Year. Thanks to the overwhelming participation of over 2000 voters from 42 countries via NBA Twitter, The No Dunks pod has run away with this year’s award!

Note: Write in votes came in for The Hoops Collective and The Athletic NBA Show with Sam Amick.

It was a tight race for the first two weeks with The Game Theory pod in first for quite a while, later surpassed by The Lowe Post, only to be overtaken by a tsunami of fan support for No Dunks in the last few days. Each show brings a different style to the table, and the vast selection and quantity of pods these days is staggering. So it goes without saying that you’ve got to be real good to rise to the top and stay there, which the No Dunks crew has done for years between tv and pods (and all forms of social media). Their chemistry as a group is second to none, along with their knowledge and passion for the NBA. Bottom line: they make following the NBA each and every day more fun. Also worth noting is the their creation of the (much needed) What You Need to Know daily pod that goes over news and games from the day before in a very tidy 10-12 minutes, right on the same feed as their regular podcast.

All in all, a very worthy winner, so congratulations! And a big congrats, as well, to all of the nominees for an impressive 2021 season. We will keep this tradition going each year to show our support for all the hard work that these podcast teams put in each season to entertain and inform us. In the meantime, keep listening and supporting all of these great shows!