[Quotable]: A Life Lesson from Dwyane Wade on Self-Belief

For anyone who missed Dwyane Wade’s stellar Hall of Fame enshrinement speech last weekend, I would urge you to take a few minutes and watch the whole thing. He was somehow able to combine the perfect mix of ingredients, including: his path to the NBA, the inspiration he got from his father and Michael Jordan, life lessons he learned, an awesome tribute to Allen Iverson for his impact on a generation of hoopers, and many heartfelt thank-yous to friends, coaches, teammates, and family. And he delivered it perfectly too! It was impressive stuff to say the least. I pulled this particular quote because they are such wise words that can be applied to any sport, career, or life challenges we face:

Each surgery, each rehab…it pushed me past limits I didn’t know I had. I could’ve given up. I wanted to. I never second guessed myself–I third, fourth, fifth guessed myself. But I never let my injuries define me. I’m on this stage because my beliefs have always been stronger than anyone’s doubts. So, to all the hoopers, I hope you take this to heart. Know it’s never about your setbacks– it’s how you respond. The blows you take are fuel. The limitations people put on you are actually inspiration. No one who comes from a community that I have, has ever left a legacy worth a memory from having it easy.

Dwyane Wade Hall of Fame speech via Youtube