[Quotable]: Ryen Russillo on Kristaps Porzingis and How Expectations Can Erode Our Love of Emerging NBA Stars

Ryen Russillo on the recent Bill Simmons ‘A Clippers Conundrum, LeBron MVP Myths, Kyrie’s Resurgence, and the Ref Review Crisis‘ pod on why the fan/media love of young stars can erode quickly when expectations aren’t met:

For Porzingis, it’s just an availability thing which is always going to be an issue for him, forever. I don’t think he sucks, I think we got sick of him being unhealthy, and then we just move on. The predictability of a new player’s potential ‘star timeline’ is the most predictable thing that we do as fans and the media. Giannis is going to start facing it big-time–it’s already starting to happen to him a little bit. You’re new, you’re loveable, we hope you can be something we’ve never seen before, and then you aren’t and then you may not have the playoff success that you want, and then we’re like ehhh, we’re turning on you. I mean, Porzingis has never had playoff failures to even have any of us get upset about but, I think it’s all of us turning the page on him in a very “(inaudible at 54:41)” way that hasn’t really had too much to do with necessarily what his game is, it’s what his game isn’t, and he’s just not healthy.