[NBA Draft]: 2023 Big Board Comparison, December 2022 (updated 1/8)

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1/8 update: Added the top 50 from Jonathan Givony/ESPN-Draft Express. I always seem to forget that his board is updated on the fly without tweets or other alerts, as a running ‘best available’ list. Woopsy!

Christmas time has arrived, so it’s time to sit back and digest what we’ve seen far. To help us with the this exercise, we’re fortunate to (finally) have three 2023 big boards to stack up against each other. So, here’s our first big board comp of the year featuring boards from Sam Vecenie/The Athletic, Jonathan Wasserman/Bleacher Report, and Tankathon. I also added the link to Jeremy Woo/Sports Illustrated‘s big board from August which I believe was the first one posted this season.

There will be more big boards posted in the coming weeks, so make sure to check back for updates and follow me at @hoopsdistillery on Twitter for update notifications. Also, if I’m missing any big boards that you feel belong alongside the ‘All-NBA level’ draft analysts I currently include, leave a comment or DM me on Twitter.

The Athletic
1Victor Wembanyama1Victor Wembanyama1Victor Wembanyama 1Victor Wembanyama
2Scoot Henderson2Scoot Henderson2Scoot Henderson 2Scoot Henderson
3Amen Thompson3Amen Thompson3Amen Thompson3Amen Thompson
4Nick Smith 4Cam Whitmore4Nick Smith4Nick Smith
5Ausar Thompson5Nick Smith 5Cam Whitmore5Brandon Miller
6Cam Whitmore6Brandon Miller6Cason Wallace6Cam Whitmore
7Brandon Miller7Keyonte George7Dariq Whitehead7Ausar Thompson
8Cason Wallace8Cason Wallace8Brandon Miller8Jarace Walker
9Jarace Walker9Anthony Black9Keyonte George9Cason Wallace
10Jett Howard10Dariq Whitehead10GG Jackson 10Keyonte George
11Keyonte George11Ausar Thompson11Ausar Thompson11Anthony Black
12Anthony Black12Kyle Filipowski12Dereck Lively12Gradey Dick
13Kel'el Ware13Dillon Mitchell13Jarace Walker 13Dariq Whitehead
14Kyle Filipowski14GG Jackson14Terquavion Smith14Kyle Filipowski
15GG Jackson15Gradey Dick15Gradey Dick15Dilon Mitchell
16Dillon Mitchell16Kris Murray16Kel'el Ware 16Dereck Lively
17Gradey Dick17Nikola Djurisic17Anthony Black17Jett Howard
18Rayan Rupert18Jarace Walker18Jett Howard18Kel'el Ware
19Terquavion Smith19Dereck Lively19Chris Livingston19Kris Murray
20Dariq Whitehead20Terrence Shannon 20Dillon Mitchell20Brice Sensabaugh
21James Nnaji21Terquavion Smith21Maxwell Lewis21GG Jackson
22Dereck Lively22Terrance Arceneaux22Tyrese Proctor22Rayan Rupert
23Taylor Hendricks23Jett Howard23Julian Phillips23Terrence Shannon
24Brice Sensabaugh24Marcus Sasser24Jalen Hood-Schifino24Terquavion Smith
25Sidy Cissoko25Brice Sensabaugh25Rayan Rupert25Colby Jones
26Leonard Miller26Kel'el Ware26Nikola Durisic26Marcus Sasser
27Nikola Durisic27Julian Strawther27Julian Strawther27Julian Phillips
28Maxwell Lewis28Jordan Hawkins28Adem Bona28Leanard Miller
29Jaime Jaquez29Coleman Hawkins29Arthur Kaluma29Nikola Durisic
30Coleman Hawkins30DaRon Holmes30Jaime Jaquez Jr.30Maxwell Lewis
31Marcus Sasser31Tyrese Proctor31Jalen Wilson31Jordan Hawkins
32Reece Beekman32J.J. Starling32JJ Starling32Amari Bailey
33Terrence Shannon33Colby Jones33Marcus Sasser33Jordan Walsh
34Kris Murray34Emoni Bates34Leonard Miller 34Jaime Jaquez
35Noah Clowney35Caleb Love35Kyle Filipowski35Coleman Hawkins
36Julian Phillips36Tyrese Hunter36Coleman Hawkins36Julian Strawther
37Ousmane Ndiaye37Tucker DeVries37Sidy Cissoko37Oscar Tshiebwe
38Colby Jones38Sidy Cissoko38Amari Bailey38Baba Miller
39Ricky Council39Leonard Miller39Jordan Walsh39DaRon Holmes
40Jordan Hawkins40Judah Mintz40Kris Murray 40Tyrese Hunter
41Keyontae Johnson41Adem Bona41Trevon Brazile41Sidy Cissoko
42Julian Strawther42Rayan Rupert42Yohan Traore42Tyrese Proctor
43Adem Bona43Baba Miller43Jalen Bridges43Arthur Kaluma
44Jordan Walsh44Jaime Jaquez44Nolan Hickman44Emoni Bates
45Andre Jackson45Drew Timme45Jordan Hawkins45Mojave King
46Jalen Wilson46Julian Phillips46Emoni Bates46Zach Edey
47Emoni Bates47Taylor Hendricks47Trayce Jackson-Davis47James Nnaji
48Amari Bailey48Colin Castleton48DaRon Holmes48Trayce Jackon-Davis
49Mouhamed Gueye49Taran Armstrong49Kevin McCullar 49Tristan Vukcevic
50Ryan Kalkbrenner50James Nnaji50Eric Gaines 50Harrison Ingram


The Athletic [Sam Vecenie]

Sport Illustrated [Jeremy Woo] – August 2022

Bleacher Report [Jonathan Wasserman]

ESPN-Draft Express [Jonathan Givony]


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